HDZ120 Full Automatic Soft Bag Cartridge

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HDZ120 Full Automatic Soft Bag Cartridge

The fully automatic soft-bag packing machine is a self-innovative model designed by our company and strictly follows the medical industry“ GMP” And food industry “ SC” Requires manufacturing, which integrates automatic feeding, instruction folding and transmission, paper box shaping and packing. It is controlled by PLC + touch screen, and has the features of stable operation, convenient operation and maintenance.

carton size range:
(70— 160) × (45— 100) × (15— 50) mm (L× W× H)
Dimensions can be customized according to the machine speed: 20-120 boxes/min depending on the size of the carton < br /> Dimension range of instructions: (100— 250) × (100— 150) (1-4 fold)
Suitable carton: 250-350g/m2 standard paper jam
Instructions paper requirements: 60g-70g/m2. (generally 60g/m2 is the best)
Machine size: 4500× 1300× 1850
Net weight of equipment: about 2000 kg < br /> Voltage: 220V 50Hz < br /> Main motor power: 2.5KW



HDZ120 Full Automatic Soft Bag Cartridge