Fully automatic sealing and packing machine

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Fully automatic sealing and packing machine

can be used for automatic online shrink packaging of products, automatic detection of products using photoelectric, two modes of automatic or manual feeding can be selected, folding film can be used and other three sides can be sealed. The thermostatic heating sealing system can be used to seal various industrial standards such as PE, PVC, POF and so on. The sealing is strong and beautiful, especially suitable for POF sealing. The size of the product can be changed simply by the handwheel without changing any parts, which reduces the replacement time and makes the operation easier. Variable-speed front-end feeding system and back-end storage work platform enable the whole machine to truly achieve high-speed, unattended and automatic operation

Device parameters:
1. Device host
Power: 1.35KW
Packaging speed: 15-30bags/min
Maximum packing size L+H (H< 150mm): < 500mm
Maximum packing size W+H (H< 150mm): < 400mm
Seal size L*W(mm): 550× 450
Machine size (length*width*height): 1650x800x1450mm
Whole machine weight: 300kg < Br style="text-indent: 2em;"/> For systolic membranes: POF.PE

2. Shrinking stove
Power: 9KW
Dimensions (length*width*height): 1200x400x200mm
Product size (width*height): 350x150mm
Transport speed: 0-15m/min
Transport material: chain stick
Transport load: 20kg max
Machine size (length*width*height): 1600x560x660mm
Whole machine weight: 80kg



Fully automatic sealing and packing machine