TBI transparent diaphragm box packer

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TBI transparent diaphragm box packer

TB type transparent diaphragm box packer is a general equipment for single-box external packaging of regular cardboard boxes. It uses transparent glass paper, BOPP, PVC film to package the external boxes. The packed items are beautiful and generous, and it plays a role of moisture-proof, anti-forgery and easy storage, without affecting the thermal sensitive items. It is widely used in box packaging in k-food, medicine, cosmetics, imaging and other industries.

This machine uses mechanical drive, straight-line quick-push structure, easy operation and maintenance, fast packaging, can be used on-line as well as on-line in the upper and lower processes. This machine is equipped with anti-forgery and unpacking functions of easy-pull cable and stopping alarm functions of out-of-pack package quality detection. It is the ideal equipment for you to improve the quality of commodity packaging and economic benefits. < br />
Device parameters:

Packaging speed: 70-200 bags/min

Packaging size: 40-130mm long, 30-85mm wide and 16-30mm high

Packaging material: BOPP bidirectional stretch heat-sealing PVC heat-sealing 6-30mm

Whole power: 2.6KW

Power supply voltage: 220V/380V, 50Hz

Shape size: 1300*700*1600

Weight: 600Kg


TBI transparent diaphragm box packer