BMII 3D transparent diaphragm box packager

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BMII 3D transparent diaphragm box packager

Three-dimensional transparent diaphragm box packaging machine is a new generation of integrated packaging and large box packaging machine developed by our company by introducing foreign technology. It uses transparent glass paper, BOPP, PVC film to package external boxes. This machine is a mechanical drive mechanism, combined with electricity and gas, programmed by PLC and controlled by human-machine interface, and the length of the paper is set accurately by the server motor. It also has anti-forgery function of easy-pull cable unpacking and box cleaning function after packaging is stopped. Simple operation, stable operation, synchronous completion of paper feeding and pushing box on the workbench level, higher packing speed than similar products. It can also be used on-line by single machine and upper and lower processes. The packed product is flat and beautiful, and can be damp-proof, anti-forgery and anti-pollution. It has no effect on heat sensitive products. It is an ideal packaging device to replace carton packing and reduce costs. < br />

BMII packing speed: 25-40 packs/min depending on box type
Packaging size: Long (100-300) Width (40-200) High (40-120) mm
Power Voltage: 220V/380V, 50Hz
Whole power: 4.5kw
Packaging material: BOPP or PVC (heat seal)
Shape size: 2000*1200*1600
Weight: 800Kg


BMII 3D Transparent Diaphragm Box Packager